Benefits of Outdoor Activites

Nowadays, more and more people are going down with many dangerous diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, lung cancers and so on; therefore, outdoor activities play an important part of their life. Outdoor activities achieve long-term benefits on our health because suitable outdoor activities will positively increase our health and physical development and sensory development, reduce obesity and stimulate blood cells more powerful.

Health benefits

Outdoor activities help people become physically healthy and active which will benefit them in the long run and help them adapt with changing and difficult environments in their future. They can prevent a plenty of problems related to physical health like obesity and heart diseases for a long time later in life. Some people usually fall illness; their activeness by taking part in many outdoor activities in life will help them stay healthy; they will feel quickly hungry, so they will have meals on time and get necessary nutrients for their health. Since they will feel tired by the end of the day, they will sleep on time too.

For example, two years ago, I spent all my summer free time on playing soccer, baseball, and driving my best electric scooter- a present from my father and mother in my latest birthday- around my city. Playing baseball strength my body for hitting and throwing. Soccer, on the other hand, improved my comprehensive body for kicking and endurance for playing full 90-minute-games. Moreover, driving my electric scooter help me relax my mind and enhance my physical power. I absolutely believe that practicing these sports will give me a lot of assistance. One thing I’d like to emphasize is that these outdoor activities are extremely good at keeping my body fit, make me finally refreshed. After that summer, my body is stronger and more endurable.

Good communication.

Outdoor activities not only strengthen my health but give me much chances to communicate and contact with more people. Taking part in these activities, we can meet a lot of different people, talk more with them and make friends. We share hobbies, viewpoints and so on and we become more and more sociable and friendly.

For example, when I was eleven years old, I was a little shy and ashamed girl. My father took me to The National Park at the center of our city. In the beginning, I just ate some sandwiches and played some games alone. However, on the sixth day, while I was swimming, a beautiful and friendly girl came and greeted me, we became friend later and she taught me how to swim effectively (actually, I swum badly). Some next days, we played all games together and she introduced me to her friends. Thanks to her and outdoor activities such as going dancing, going fishing, playing chess, and so on… I made a plenty of friends since The National Park. Supposing that I had not participated in that camping, I would not have had many friends like this.

Learning working in groups

When people, especially kids, play or work with other people, they will have chances to interact each other in groups, learn building strategy to co-operate, work effectively and win any challenges. We learn to adapt with any kinds of people of different temperament and in any circumstances. This will assist us when we are more and more mature, in both our professional (like working at office) and personal (at home) life.

Giving a sense of freedom

When people play outdoors, we can feel a sense of freedom. We can enjoy our fresh nature with many national or international beauty spots, sunshine and wind when doing some outdoor activities for instance: hiking, sunbathing, biking and so on with your friends or families. If you spend your spare time at home or somewhere familiar with you, you cannot have opportunities to enjoy beautiful Spending time outdoors with various activities, we can breathe absolute fresh air, feel a warm sun on our faces and enjoy the perfect peace that only nature brings about us.Therefore, we can refresh ourselves after tiredness, stress and difficulties to be more enthusiastic and energetic and want to discover themselves. After these outdoor activities, we are willing to come back our work and work effectively to gain more achievements. We will realize more realistic values to live more healthily, devote your abilities for work and gain higher promotion at work.

Learning social skills

As people usually play, they have a lot of lively communication, interactions and physical movements with other people. At any time, we might not know the other people they have to co-operate with others in team building at work, and that assists us develop our social skills. We learn to be more and more sociable, try more and work perfectly in groups often developing qualities like leadership and excellent people in the future. We also learn to communicate with other people, often playing games and developing long lasting friendships with our close friends.

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