BUILD-UP-HEALTHY-LIFESTYLEIn the modern age of the social as now, our health is not carefully protected even though there are a lot of technological equipments invented to improve medical and hospital. What is the reason? It must be the lifestyle affecting your health in the large scale. Many scientists said that healthy lifestyle must bring you healthy life. My article today will discuss with you how to build up your healthy habit for a long life with good health.

At first, being active is necessary for good health in the long time. According to the age, people have suitable exercise level. For example, healthy young adults should do exercise at a moderate intensity because this is the period witnessing their fast growing-up. Thus, they need more energy to ensure the metabolic progress and their needs. The moderate regulation for them is at least 2.5 hours a week to take physical activity. In addition, they need to engage in activities of muscle-strengthening twice a week to train their muscle and improve resistance.

1. It is better if you could keep physical activities usually

As health experts, you will gain more substantial health and fitness advantages if you gain greater amounts of activities. Each day, you could spend about 20-30 minutes doing exercise or having flexible combination of vigorous as well as moderate activity. This regular training helps you achieve overall well-being. More importantly, you are able to reduce stress from hours of working. Above all, to keep doing exercise is to protect your body from the obesity that is the popular for people spending almost time on sitting on one place.


In addition to this, good effect on brain function is one of valuable benefits from physical activity. So to build up a healthy life from exercise, you could take a look as below:

  • Choose a physical activity that is enjoyable for you: Of course, if you do not like an activity, you will not have passionate to keep going on it until the end. And it is impossible to train it as regular basis. Therefore, to avoid this problem, it is essential to find a physical activity that you really enjoy. Then gradually increase the duration of it to have health benefits. You could exercise through fitness machines or outdoor activities like running, walking or swimming.
  • Spending much time getting up early and walking, running, riding or hitting the gym as possible: Recent studies have shown that morning exercise bring the most effective rate of sticking someone to any exercise routine.
  • Do exercise anywhere and any when: running up and down the stairs instead of using elevator, walking in the offices … to utilize opportunity to move more a day.
  • Have a partner to exercise: if you could enjoy exercise hours with partner, the effect will be improved more. Whether it is walking with your dog every morning or meeting other at the gym … For example, if you take a gym membership, you have chances to meet many partners. Taking exercises with others will encourage you to do more. I just give one tool that is so-called spinning bike. As in Spin bike Reviews, it is necessary to have information exchange between joiners because it requires some certain skills.

2. In addition to maintaining habit of doing exercise, it is necessary to have healthy eating mode.

Your health is decided the kinds of foods that are brought to your body. To keep sustainable weight or even weight loss, you need have great combination of healthy diet and physical activity.

Why people usually remind you have green and fresh meal more than fast-food or something like that. It is because green and fresh meal must have you improve your healthy life.

  • Firstly, eliminate your consumption of beverages containing laden of sodas and sugar: The indigents of one can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi has a significant amount of calories. In that, you have to take 23 minutes to walk in order to burn off one soda or more than 40 minutes for drinking twice a day. Thus, to prevent yourself from these kinds of drinking is save your health.
  • Supply your meals with more fruits and vegetables: there are a lot of types of vitamin containing in those. Many people does like it because with them, they do not cover their hunger or supply enough calories for their actions all day. However, if you use them more in the breakfast and dinner, your body will be fresher. And they could make your feeling comfortable instead of eating so much meat or foods having huge amount calories or sweet.
  • Direct foods – healthy grains: Healthy grain products are found in brown rice, whole-grain corn, oatmeal, graham flour and others. Healthy grains allow you reduce the risk of heart disease and constipation. Plus, eating whole grains helps you with weight management and is more effective for pregnancy, especially.
  • Consider amount of calories: the amount of calories in fast food, chocolate, ice cream and pizza is much higher than in others like vegetables, grains. If you love foods of calories in it is very complicated to keep your healthy body and weight loss. Eat less foods refined sugar or sweet to maintain your body in the balance status. Please make sure the metabolic process is not badly affected by unhealthy foods.


You have healthy meal does not you are in the weight loss progress. Having healthy mode helps you keep your health safe for a long life.

3. Others

  • Build up the schedule to work and study at reasonable time: do not stay up so late because it is the reason reducing your remembering ability. Have a regular schedule is the way for you to arrange work and activities of a day at your convenient.
  • Say no with cigarette and alcohol drinking like wine or beer: it is very distinguished that smoke from cigarettes is main cause of lung cancer. To save health of yourself and other people surrounding you, stop this bad habit.
  • Keep mind in ease way: enjoy your time at your comfort because any stress or problem will make your worse. It has negative impacts on your skin, brain and your youth.

It could have more and more tips to build up your healthy life. Why do not give me your ideas to supply my article with right aspects. This will be the handy secret for us to save our health and our families.

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