Some things to do in Coney Island of New York in winter

To get your bracing experiences, let you visit the Coney Island off-season of Brooklyn especially in winters in place of hiking because you have to prepare many things for a hiking trip like a good baby hiking backpack (if you go with your baby). This will be your dramatic & eerie trip with Parachute Jump, the skeleton of well-known Cyclones roller coaster in Cone Island, the ocean, and the open sky.
The beautiful wintertime in Coney Island is an industrial-urban-landscape type. What’s more, it is a great pensive escape from the urban bustle and hustle. Although the beach & amusement park are closed from September to May, there are a lot of things to do, enjoy even dream about wandering the area off-season. Are you ready for brisk ocean breezes?


  • Zen Out at the New York Aquarium

The world-class of New York City gets scheduled fish-feeding shows & great exhibits. It opens all year round with not only outdoor but indoor exhibits as well. The New York Aquarium will create your good date as well as a nice family trip.

  • Stroll or Run a 5K Race the Atlantic Ocean Boardwalk

The most well-known boardwalk of New York will provide you the rolling Atlantic Ocean on a side, amusement park on another, rides of Coney Island & other nice people watching in between.
This is a suggested itinerary for both first-time visitors and tourists. You just need begin at Coney Island then walk to Brighton Beach. At that place, you are able to find out a tasty hot authentic Russian borscht bowl for sure. After that, the subway will head you back home. Come here to take the feeling of you have been away for one month. Let you check out the October charity Run for the Wild or the Coney Island’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

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Guide To Travel Some Famous Islands In Asia

We are very happy to introduce you some of the most prestigious islands for the traveler in Asia through the list below:

  • Gili Meno, Lombok (Indonesia)

From Bali, you can come to Lombok island by fast train in 1 hour. Opposite to Bali, Lombok is not crowded, this island quiet, sweet, and romantic in a very specific way.

When coming to visit Lombok, one of the places you have to go, one time at least, is Mawun. Mawun is the supreme beautiful beach that will move to pink color in the sunset. You have to drive around the north of this island to get Mawun because this island is laid in the south of Lombok (called “Kuta”).
Lombok has 3 small islands but very famous, those are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. But, Gili Meno is the most beautiful, piece and romantic among them. When coming to Meno, you will directly enjoy the miracle blue color of the sea water in Gili Meno, it is pure till you can see up to the bottom. Thus, Meno becomes a famous spot for diving and snorkeling with a lot of great corals. In addition, Gili Meno has also the bungalow so pretty, there are not any words can describe that prettiness, even more, beautiful than Koh Rong Samloem but the cost here naturally cheaper than Koh Rong Samloem, just by 1/3 of that island. So, it is very attractive to the young married couples.

  • Ao Nang, Railay, and Koh Phi Phi (Thailand)

We are sure that Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi are the names not too strange with you if you are a person who usually goes travel. Ao Nang is laid in Southern Thailand and belongs to the Krabi province. In order to come there, you have to take over one hour by plane from Bangkok. The price of this flight ticket is only from $18 to $25 per way if you can buy the cheap tickets in the promotion campaign of AirAsia. Not noisy, crowded till rather complex like Phuket, the Ao Nang is more peace, tender, and romantic. At Ao Nang, you will see all thing you need, from the restaurants beside the coast where the menu is so rich, to some places located on the top of the hill where you can view the total Ao Nang very great in the sunset together with the dinner besides your life mate. Just imagine, you have felt so great, right? But, there is one minus point for Ao Nang, that is the central beach of this place is not so clear.


Next, there is also one beach very close to Ao Nang that you will surely love, that is Railay. From Ao Nang, you just take 15 minutes to go to Railay by local long tail boats. These boats run constantly when the passengers on each boat are full. The cost to move by this vehicle is from 100 to 150 baht per way. This island is rather a peace. So, the couples mostly come here to relax. Although there are not many options about resorts here for you to choose, you can’t deny the beautiful sights in Railay. The price of almost resorts in Railay is from $50 on. The best period of time you should undergo in Railay is 2 days and 1 night.

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Benefits of Outdoor Activites

Nowadays, more and more people are going down with many dangerous diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, lung cancers and so on; therefore, outdoor activities play an important part of their life. Outdoor activities achieve long-term benefits on our health because suitable outdoor activities will positively increase our health and physical development and sensory development, reduce obesity and stimulate blood cells more powerful.

Health benefits

Outdoor activities help people become physically healthy and active which will benefit them in the long run and help them adapt with changing and difficult environments in their future. They can prevent a plenty of problems related to physical health like obesity and heart diseases for a long time later in life. Some people usually fall illness; their activeness by taking part in many outdoor activities in life will help them stay healthy; they will feel quickly hungry, so they will have meals on time and get necessary nutrients for their health. Since they will feel tired by the end of the day, they will sleep on time too.

For example, two years ago, I spent all my summer free time on playing soccer, baseball, and driving my best electric scooter- a present from my father and mother in my latest birthday- around my city. Playing baseball strength my body for hitting and throwing. Soccer, on the other hand, improved my comprehensive body for kicking and endurance for playing full 90-minute-games. Moreover, driving my electric scooter help me relax my mind and enhance my physical power. I absolutely believe that practicing these sports will give me a lot of assistance. One thing I’d like to emphasize is that these outdoor activities are extremely good at keeping my body fit, make me finally refreshed. After that summer, my body is stronger and more endurable. Continue reading “Benefits of Outdoor Activites”


Pangolins are one of the most distinctive species in the world, notwithstanding it has been endangered these days.

Environmental activists are managing to protect the pangolins left from being attacked and killed illegally for the trading purpose.

Sooner or later, if humans do not take any action immediately, pangolins will be definitely the next species which is given into the list of extinct animals. There is a truth that before the time that pangolins officially vanish or even if it already disappeared from Earth anymore, not many of us are aware that there is the existence of this unique species ever on our planet.

Hence, the question here is, what pangolins look like and what are interesting facts about them?


  • The features of a pangolin

Unlike other animals, the pangolins exactly have their appearance in a scaly structure. Their tongues are very long and their main foods include ants as well as termites. Moreover, they are nocturnal and most of the time found in tropical forests or woodlands.

In case of being attacked, they will use their scales and simultaneously curl their bodies up like a ball.


How to bear hunt

Safety awareness and advanced skills are requirements in hunting bears because this is an intense hunt. How dangerous you are with these predatory bears! Thus, remember to prepare for yourself the best optics for ar 15 to get the most exact shots. Before hunting, you had better also know that in EU and some countries, hunting bear is illegal. With most regions in the US, you have required a special permit as well as the specific regulations applying to it. That means you must understand clearly your local laws before your hunt.

Plan your hunt:

  • To determine your bear hunting area, you should study topographical map before

That means you had better study both the favored area with the wildlife maps’ local division for determining a possible hunting unit. You can set your mind at rest because most of the state has outlined their individual hunting ones on the custom map.


  • Look for the wildlife agency’s public records

Before hunting, you have to determine hunter success rates and bear populations there. Base on these records, let you finalize your hunting unit.

  • Pay fee for the state wildlife regulating agency to apply for your permit

On application, you need to specify the weapon option and selected unit because they will determine legal hunting date for your hunt. There are some choices of bear hunting weapon such as bow and arrows, muzzleloaders and rifles. The final one is the most common option due to the rifles’ high-velocity bullet can kill vital organs of bear quicker than black powder ball and arrow.

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What are the things a beginner needs to play golf?

Golf is a popular sport which requires both muscle works and skills. It is not a sport to be taken lightly. Playing golf means that you need a very high level of commitment to your tools and how you play.

Here are four things you would need to do if you want to take up the golfing hobby:

Invest in your set of clubs

The line between a professional golfer and an amateur who plays for fun lies beyond their set of clubs. The best golf clubs for beginners 2016 is a set that fit them. Buying golf clubs can be a frustrating experience as it can consume you a lot of time and effort. But when you’ve got the right set for you, you will be rewarded with fantastic experiences on the field.

Golf clubs are the reason why I said you are required to commit a lot if you want to take up the hobby of playing golf. You don’t really need to have a full set of 14 clubs if you are just getting used to the thing. Just make sure you have a basic set of: Driver, Iron, Wood, Putter and Wedge. Make sure that you are consulted by a professional while buying these clubs as they need to be good in quality and they have to be customized in order to fit you only. Keep in mind that there are standard sizes but all golf clubs need to be customized for each individual.

Lessons from a professional player

 Obvious as it sound, you need to both watch and practice in order to play well. Just like other sports, you can just practice on your own and learn from the experiences you have yourself. But that would take a very long time for you to improve. Reading, watching and learning from someone who is better and is used to the thing is actually the fastest way to skill up.

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Should You Run a Golf Club?

Investing in a golf club means you get involved into an important business experience. There are dozens of aspects for you to consider before starting this business. Below are all you need to think about when running your own golf club.


Becoming an owner of the golf club brings ultimate benefits to you.

The first benefit is that golf club offers a new chance for meeting many new people. You can easily make friends with your partners or golf experts on the course without any difficulty.

Another advantage of running your own club is enjoying free and delicious foods. Because you are owner, be careful with this thing to avoid loss of profit.

Holding tournaments helps you advertise your pretty course to thousands of spectators. It not only improves your reputation, but also revenue. People will absolutely feel interested to discover how your course looks like at the first time. This is the reason why many golf companies could increase their revenue in an effective way.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to run a golf course alone. Nowadays, runners of a golf course can get much support from a variety of corporations and companies. These organizations offer valuable investment that contributes a lot to the successful operation of the course. A popular method that many people often apply is hiring management companies to share their responsibility. By this way, they could find the best solutions for the club development. This is simpler with private golf clubs, where you can choose an experienced member to become the administrator of the club.

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Introduction About Kayaking

The Kayak is the kind of compact design, beautiful boat is used more in foreign countries. Today with the social needs of developing the relax by kayak, river kayaking fun developing in many places in. Kayak which is a kind of very light boats of the Eskimos. Initially, this canoe is designed for a person sitting, wrapped in leather seals and by the Aboriginal North Americans invented used to hunt large animals such as sea lions, walrus, whales … Its original name was the Qajaq, Europeans pronounce the way simplify the kayak. You can select one of inflatable kayak in order to choose the best inflatable kayak when you want to go somewhere by this.
  • The First Thing That You Should Know

Kayak we have quite many types: composite plastic, molded rubber or inflatable boat, all floating in any situation and always use the top two oars. About shape, kayak looks no different from the bamboo leaves, small, long, slender as well as very charming. Usually has vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange., featured on the blue waters kayaking chasms are always created incredibly vibrant paintings. More modern cities, people’s life as well as that more advanced, ever-present help people relax, stress discharge after learning, work stress is increasingly diverse and abundant. A strange new game entered and been well-received youth currently there is kayaking. Games not only help you discharge stress but also the immense land, river water, experience adventure feeling extremely interesting and memorable.
Attractiveness of the Kayak lies in adventurous nature. The kayak is the journey that courage, calm, patience, the ability to handle situations flexibly together human technique being challenged, assay and reviews. Overcome the vast River rapids, the craggy rock Rapids, the waves of intense white columns … and reward for the pass is the confidence, sense of victory and the experience, was elated feelings didn’t get.
You will be equipped with life jackets and trainer instructions very thoroughly before in crystal-clear river cruises, conquer and overcome the obstacles ahead is also crossed himself. You need to know how to paddle, fixed guide foot, thigh when sailing and rescue skills when distress

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7 Tips for Buying the good Walking Shoes

A pair of good walking shoes are really important especially to those who start to practice walking. Your feet injured if you choose wrong shoes. To keep yourself workout in good condition and do not suffer from any injures, let’s buy a pair of good walking shoes. I will show some tips to choose a pair of good shoes and suitable to you


  1. Do not save money too much

You believe that spending one million to buy a pair of good shoes for walking are too much, but it’s worth to invest. Why do not you think that if your feet injure, the hospital fee will be more than amount of money to buy a good shoes.  Buying expensive shoes is not waste, it will protect you from injuries. Investing to your health is never wrong!

  1. Should buy shoes in reliable addresses

Go to the store which only sells items sport is the best way to buy good shoes. In these places, you will try shoes comfortably and be advised by sellers. You will know what shoes fit to you exactly. Remember that limit buying shoes online. Although you do not take too much time to seek the shoes and the choices are varied, you can not make the realistic of the shoes. It’s not only beautiful as picture, but also not fit to you even its status can be not good.

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Top 7 Rules to Choose Shoes for Men

Any luxurious costumes must have a pair of shoes. The shoes are not only an accessory but also an important piece of men’s clothes. Moreover, the method of identifying a true gentleman is observing his shoes. There are many types of shoes but to have a pair of shoes which fit your, men should take note of some rules:


  1. The more simpler the more exquisite

If black dress is an indispensable item for women, a pair of black shoes is a necessity item for men. This shoe style is suitable for many outfits. When choosing this type of shoes, you should choose the type of classic shape, made of patent leather. As the shoes get simple, it mixes and matches easily.

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Choose a helmet before each trip

In this article we want to share to readers what kinds of comfortable motorcycle helmets is used today mainly with the pros and cons of each type of hat to suit your choices before each trip.


There is also a brief definition of this type of hat: This type can only cover the top half of the head.

  • Pros: It has advantages by compact dimensions, more stylish, airy and very easy to carry, can be easily fit into the trunk of modern motorcycles. Also, users can comfortably use a wired headset or Bluetooth because the ears are not covered.
  • Cons: It has the lowest protection because it can cover the top half of your head. During an accident, in other areas such as the face, ears, chin and back of the neck are severely vulnerable.

>> You should only use it to go around the city at a slower speed. When riding motorcycle in long way or backpacking, it would not be appropriate to use this type of hat.

Half-Face helmet


A 3/4 hat, as the name, Open face helmet, is the type that may cover the first three quarters of the user, including the crown, nape and 2 ears.

  • Pros: Thanks to the ability to cover a larger area, it will be better for head protection. Equipped with a ¾ helmet is the windshield to prevent wind against your face while driving on the road side.
  • Cons: With larger dimensions, this type of cap will not get the kind of hat compact as the half face, during an accident, the helmet could protect ¾ the head, and the driver’s chin can still hurt, also because the structure covering the ears should be hard to get a headset when using ¾ helmets.

>> Type hats are more suitable for those who go away but still appropriate to use in city.

Full Face

The Full face is likely filled the rider’s head with both the face and chin.

  • Pros: Comprehensive protection for the head neck, jaw user, shielding glass front part of the Full Face to avoid sunscreen, wind and other types can resist ultraviolet rays. The front glass equipment will help the driver when traveling at high speed without the wind against your face cause fatigue, drowsiness, watery…
  • Cons: The size is quite large, heavy and bulky types of should not in storage facilities because it is poor in ventilation and releasing heat.

Full Face helmet

>>The Full face suits for those who use large motorcycles, the long distance backpackers, drove at high speed.


As discussed above, ¾ hats or full– face helmets, each hat has its own advantages and disadvantages. Combining the strengths, compensate for weaknesses of the two types of caps have launched this type of helmet called Modular (flip up). Basically, this is a full face helmet but with the protection of mobile jaw, in case of can be pulled over the top and it becomes exponential ¾.

Off-road, motocross

The name of this type of hat attached to Rakes (Motocross) line is often used in races or backpacking tours terrain.

Generally this type might be similar hat with full face helmet but protect the chin and longer baseball to protect shading and better soil. If you’ve ever known cars locusts will this model and very appropriate regular commuter on the wetlands, rocky dirt lot. Composed as above will help protect the maximum head and face of the user.

Above are the common types of helmets today, depending terrain conditions you select yourself a suitable helmet. Have a safe trip.

Why don’t you buy a pump swimming pool for your kid?

If you are intending to make a large space to entertain under the water for your kid right home, the best rated above ground swimming pools, especially pump pools, for kids are the suitable alternative way when the parents do not have the time to take their small children to the public pools in summer. Not only used as the bath sinks, parents but also even can take advantage of the big size pool products to teach their babies to swim to restrict drowning situation to occur.

These pools are so convenient because you can take off neatly when you are not using it. When the summer ends, and there is no need to use the pool anymore, the parents only need to deflate it, fold it neatly and store it away for using in the next season. This helps parents to be able to easily bring out for baby to use in the next summer without having to buy the new or taking off too bulkily as many other items. Continue reading “Why don’t you buy a pump swimming pool for your kid?”

There’s no greater challenge in the hunting world than deer

Favorite game animal

I have been in this business a long time now, and it’s been good to me. I’ve been able to do a great deal of what we all love to do, and in many parts of this wonderful world of ours.

When I run into hunters at sports shows, in hunting camps or wherever, the question I seem to be asked most goes something like, “What’s your favorite game animal?”

The answer might surprise you. I love Africa, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have seen so much of it. I’m also a bit of nut on bear hunting, and in recent years I’ve become far more addicted to sheep hunting than I ever wanted to. Nevertheless, the game animal that makes me come unglued the most is a good buck deer of any variety.

If I had to give up everything else and could choose just one type of hunting for the rest of my life it would have to be good ol’ American deer hunting.

How to hunt your local deer?

I have hunted all varieties of North American deer in almost every imaginable habitat type across the continent. Last time I counted, I’d hunted whitetails unguided, guided and as a guide for other hunters in nearly 30 U.S. states, Canadian provinces and Mexican states. Continue reading “There’s no greater challenge in the hunting world than deer”

Couch potatoes need not enter

I am not a conformist. Netball and tennis were never really for me. I wanted something more … extreme. I wanted a sport that would push me to both the physical and mental edge.

The answer for me was adventure racing.

This endurance sport has grown in popularity for teenagers over the past few years, with events such as the Get-2-Go Challenge for Year 9 and 10 students and the Sir Edmund Hillary Challenge for Year 12 and 13s. Adventure racing is a multi-discipline team sport that includes orienteering (or some form of navigation), cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling and climbing _ with some problem-solving or mystery activity thrown in. Races can last from several hours to several days. The satisfaction from completing this sort of event is incredible.

The great thing is you learn so much about yourself. You are able to push yourself to the limit, and beyond into the unknown. Every race takes you out of your comfort zone because you are challenged while often sleep-deprived and physically exhausted. As Darren Ashmore, the Outdoor Pursuits Centre events manager, said, “Adventure racing is about so much more than just winning. Without the journey and effort to get to the start line, the race holds less meaning.”

In May I competed in the Hillary Challenge at Tongariro. This amazing event is without doubt one of the toughest things you could do at school. You compete in a co-ed team of eight (we combined with Auckland Grammar) and it was one of the best weeks of my life. This team is really like my family.

You know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and limits.

The five-day event involved two days of problem-solving, a two-day expedition and a sprint race involving kayaking, mountain biking, running and climbing. We spent at least two hours dragging ourselves through blackberries, had plenty of time in freezing water, got blisters and scratches like you couldn’t possibly imagine, but it was totally worth it.

To survive something like that leaves you knowing you can tackle any challenge. You keep pushing yourself to the edge because you know that there are seven other people with you doing exactly the same. Someone is always there to catch you or push you that little bit further.

New Zealand has produced world champion adventure racers. Team Orion Health Adventure won the 2008 Adventure Racing Championships in Brazil, and recently won Primal Quest, the biggest adventure race in America. The cool thing for up and coming adventure racers is that it is possible to compete in the same events as these elite athletes.

New Zealand puts on world-class events such as the ARC and the Southern Traverse. Adventure racing takes dedication, perseverance, and commitment. It is a journey rather than just another sport. My life wouldn’t be the same without it because it has given me life-long friends, taken me to the remotest corners of the globe and shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to. My team motto is “DBR _ dedication brings rewards”. Holly Rabone, Year 13, St Cuthbert’s College