How to select the pure coffee ground?

Having one delicious cup of coffee not only brings the super high level of energy, but also the excitement to start an interesting day from the early morning. As the demand for a beverage is rising, there are different types of coffee in the market including the high-quality and the blend versions. However, to select one kind of pure coffee to taste everyday is not as simple as you may think.


How to know whether your coffee ground contains the pure ingredients or not? Is the coffee you are drinking good for your health, lifespan and even for the true beauty?

In fact, the answer is not difficult at all. Since the coffee ground is a special nut which has lots of differences, it will be easy to distinguish between the pure coffee ground, the powers and especially with other grains. Therefore, to ensure the healthy element and quality for your coffee ground, individuals need to remember a few basic details about the properties of roasted coffee beans to differentiate them from other kinds in the market.

Generally, people often pay attention to the color to determine the quality of their coffee. When pouring the boiling water into the keurig coffee maker, the first beans usually release dark water, then the color starts to fade through the time. A delicious cup of coffee delivers the cool taste when feeling by your tongue. However, getting a bit closer about other details would be more interested.

Before you brew

The quality – volume

The roasted coffee ground always has the high quantity or volume compared to soybean or different types of grains.

Different from other grains and nuts, pure grounds will both have their volume increased up to 2 times; and the weight reduced down to 30% when reaching a particular stage of temperature. Therefore, roasted coffee ground tends to have the high quantity when comparing to other grains. If you prefer using measuring tools to check out, you will see that the volume of the pure ground is always bigger than other grains.

  • Base on this feature, individuals can distinguish even from the beginning; which do not require you to pour out the coffee grounds from the package.
  • When holding 2 bags of 500g, the pack with the pure coffee ground will give you the heavier feeling. You will also feel that the pack is bigger and fuller.

The porosity

When looking by your eyes, pure coffee ground tends to have the light feature, porous and grounds are easy to fall apart. Commonly, there are two ways to determine the porosity of your coffee.

Use your hand

  • Nowadays, local store or coffee shop allows customers to check the quality of coffee before purchasing. Some give you a chance to check out by your hand.
  • When smashing the fingers together, coffee ground contains pure ingredients appears to be lighter and more porous. It is easy to see from your view.
  • In contrast, the combination of coffee ground and cornstarch or soybean is heavier. It also sticks together to form small lumps.

Use water

If you have one bag contains the pure ground and another with a combination of coffee and other grains. Take one amount of ground from each bag then pour on the water surface.

Obviously, the pure coffee ground has low specific weight; which means it tends to float to the top. O the other hand, other grains have a greater specific weight that will make they sink faster.While putting in the blender of coffee maker, roasted beans have the stable cellulose fiber structure. As a result, they are fragile and easy to break when being blended in the coffee maker. In contrast, the great combination of different ingredient is not as porous as the ground coffee.


In fact, the pure coffee ingredient is less hydrated which does not contain much humidity. Flour and other unusual grains retain water and higher humidity. Moreover, since different types of pea and corn do not have their particular scent, the manufacturers are more likely to spring chemicals. They contain both the synthetic and artificial coffee aromas before grinding into the soft ground.

Therefore, the mixed coffee ground always looks wet, even it tends to impregnate when being coloring. Different from the mixed grains, the pure coffee ingredient is dry and porous.


When roasting your ingredients to one particular stage of temperature and time, coffee appears in the dark brown color. Besides, roasted corn which the manufacturer combines into coffee usually has the black bold color. Therefore, “color” is the simple term which manufacturers always use to describe the mixed ingredients and popcorn.

  • For coffee ground which has just been roasted, it tends to have the yellow light color tone and sour taste.Due to consumer habits, individuals often seek for the black color when having their cup of coffee. Therefore, people utilize more “color” (besides caramel colorings and chemical) to dye the original tone of coffee.
  • On the other hand, roasted soybean and nuts also appear in the dark brown. However, they are completely unlike the dark brown of the pure coffee ingredient.

The smell

For those who have become professional in differentiating the coffee ground, it is not hard to recognize the pleasant, attractive and very typical of pure ingredients. These days, there are still people who often confused and appreciate the smell of chemical aromas. The reason is because they have less opportunity to smell the original coffee ground.

  • Corn and soybeans also have a slightly fishy smell. If you are skillful enough to distinguish when smelling, you will notice this.
  • Soybean and other mixed ingredient reveal the acrid smell, aromas blend; which is not soft and gentle as the original ingredient.

From the first part, we have suggested different elements individuals need to keep in mind when choosing their coffee ground. They are very useful for you to select the high-quality ingredient which keeps the delicious flavors and tasty smell. But besides the grains, don’t forget that you need to have one coffee maker to brew the drink. For those who are seeking for one, check out this coffee maker reviews. Goodluck and don’t forget to read the next part.

How to organize your small kitchen and take advantage of its space

It is obvious that the kitchen is the area in the house used most by women, so a wide kitchen is a dream of every house. However, it is not everyone who can afford a house with enough space to set a large kitchen, especially in current situation, population explosion make it more difficult than ever. As a result, it is necessary for every people to know “smart design”, so that you can take use of the space and make it more convenient and more scientific.

  1. Design the kitchen according the letter “I”

For a small kitchen, this design is one of the most perfect choices. It means that the kitchen cabinet, desk and furniture are organized on a plane. This arrangement is not only simple but also convenient, which makes housewives easy to go around and cook without obstructions. Currently, in the market, there are various types of cabinet that are designed according the letter “I” in good quality, so that you can easily choose the most suitable one for your kitchen.

  1. Rearrange your dishes based on its function.

Putting dishes disorderly will cause your kitchen to be cluttered and waste your space. Therefore, you should arrange them based on how often you use them. Kitchenware that is usually used should be put near the position you stand when cooking. For example, a cupboard is the best place for dishes. Instead of cluttering them on the table, you should order them in a large cupboard enough for all. Beside, your every meal set should be at eye level; meanwhile dishes for especial occasion can be stored up higher out of your sight. This can help you save time when preparing meal because you do not have to rummage your kitchen to search what you want. Let’s make everything has a dedicated place and orderly. Continue reading “How to organize your small kitchen and take advantage of its space”

Know More about the Best Pressure Cooker on the Market

Are you an amateur cook, but you would like to process professional – stylish food for your family by yourself? Are you extremely busy yet not want to take your whole family going out for lunch regularly? Are you in need of a pressure cooker to cook like some big restaurants every day? Possessing such a pressure cooker like this, you are entirely capable of serving your beloved family with satisfying grills while not spending a lot of time, money and effort. However, the modern life forces you to ponder over how to spend reasonably. The appliance producers are aware of that confidence and making every effort to develop the best pressure cooker for the money. They are cheap products but we cannot deny their outstanding advantages to users, and they are still good enough for you to concern.

Cooking with Pressure Cooker

Cooking with pressure has been around for hundreds of years. The idea is that by using a small amount of liquid and trapping the steam in a sealed cooking vessel, you can cook hearty foods quickly. You can also infuse maximum flavor with minimum seasoning thus concentrating the flavor. Vitamins also do not get leached away in pressure cooking as they do through boiling or frying foods.

Some benefits when using a pressure cooker.

  • They are easy to use and assemble
  • They are safe for you and your family
  • They can keep the flavor and quality of baked food
  • Especially their prices are very suitable in cases your financial income doesn’t allow you to own a very expensive one

Flavor, nutrition, and faster cooking times are the benefits to cooking with pressure. Pressure cookers have come a long way since their modernization in the 1930’s. They are easier to use, clean, and maintain. There is no reason not to give this cooking method a try. To help, here are the top two best reviewed pressure cookers and what makes them great.

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pressure Cooker

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pressure CookerIf you are looking for the best pressure cooker, you can be puzzled because the market has so many types of pressure cookers. However, MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite is something that you should consider. I must admit that MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite has received a lot of good reviews from customers because of its benefits. It is very simple, so users do not have to invest much time or put the time into nursing like using a traditional pressure cooker. Its heating element is also easily replaceable and you will not have to worry about your children. It really simplifies the cooking process and the food is great. In particular, this machine is easy to use and the price is quite good.

For me, MaxiMatic EPC-808 Elite is really a must-have one that I strongly recommend to you. Before suggesting this unit to all of you, i have also read a lot of feedback about it from customers and i highly appreciate it. Personally, I believe that you will cook your food items well with this model. Even the pressure cooker does not offer enough heat to cook chicken, but this is not a big problem and we can fix it easily. If you are tending to pick a pressure cooker, do not hesitate to give a decision right now!

Presto 6-Quart Electric Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 6-Quart Electric Stainless-Steel Pressure CookerThe Presto electric pressure cooker did have a couple of negative reviews. The rubber feet on the bottom of the pressure cooker leave some black marks on your countertops, leaving you scrubbing your countertops a little when you are done cooking. The handles on the Presto pressure cooker are plastic, and they are made to stay cool, which makes it easy to grab the pressure cooker by the handle to put it in the bath of cold water.

About The Features of the Presto 6 Quart Pressure Cooker

  • The lid locks down during cooking and there is an inner lid sealing ring, so the steam will not escape. The lid has a pop up pressure indicator and a steam release mechanism. There is an over pressure plug that will let off some steam, if the pressure should build up excessively.
  • Very easy to clean up. The pot is very sturdy and cleans up beautifully. The handles stay cool to the touch when in use.
  • There were many reviews where people commented that they wished they hadn’t waited so long to try pressure cooking. With all of the built in safety features, pressure cookers are very safe these days.
  • A few customers had problems with the screws on the handles coming loose. They are easily screwed back in, but do not over tighten.

If you are looking for a pressure cooker for canning, this is not the pressure cooker for you. It is not big enough for canning, but will prepare some very tasty dinners or desserts.


Finding a proper pressure cooker to fit your needs is key. Think about what you definitely will be using it for and the easy of your recipes and you will be able to make the best decision for the best price.

Full Steam Ahead & Buying Guide

cooking methods

Cooking with steam offers an efficient and fast method of cooking with very little nutrient and color loss. Jacketed kettles operate with the steam being pumped between the jacket and the kettle. Low-pressure steamers are available in double- or triple-compartment models and can hold up to 100 pounds of food per batch. High-pressure steamers work at pressures up to 15 psi. Multi-function steamers use convection and pressure for total flexibility. They have two compartments which can function either as a low-pressure or a pressureless cooker.

Some Tips You Should Know When Buying a Pressure Steamer

  1. pressure steamerWhen purchasing, your first consideration is output per batch. Large-volume, low-pressure steamers can bring hundreds of pounds of foods from frozen to serving temperature in a single batch, good for commissary use. On the other hand, high-pressure and convection steamers cook smaller batches in less time. So, these steamers are suitable for a la cart facilities or for installation on serving lines where vegetables are cooked as needed rather than being cooked in batches for holding in warming cabinets.
  2. Timing controls are another consideration. Simple timers are just alarms not tied to the steam supply. Unless you turn off the steam supply and open the door, cooking continues. High-pressure steamers and most convection steamers tie the timer with the steam valve or the generator. At the end of the cycle in a high-pressure steamer, the flow of steam stops and the door pops open. In the case of the pressureless steamer, the end of the cycle signals the steam generator to stop or closes a steam flow valve–but cooking will continue because of residual heat.
  3. Steam generators must be pre-heated before the cooking process begins. Steamers with self-contained generators will drain automatically when the power switch for the steamer is deactivated. If the steamer you choose is equipped with, for example, a basic 5 KW steam generator, consider purchasing the unit with a 7.5 or 10 KW generator. The slight additional up-front cost is a sound investment that will yield improved performance.
  4. The method of circulating steam also varies. While some steamers inject steam through a single opening, others disperse steam into the cabinet through a series of openings. With several points of entry, the steam is better dispersed and foods will cook more evenly.
  5. Steam-jacketed kettles and steam cookers are heated by a central steam facility, an electric or gas-fired steam generator, or a self-contained electric steam generator. Central steam is generally available in buildings where a steam plant heats the water and air. (Municipal steam supplies are another source.) These steam “boilers” are cost effective sources of heat for steam kettles, however there are occasions–when steam demands for hot water and heating are at their peak–when they cannot provide a consistent supply. When using central steam for steam cookers, a steam to steam converter may be required. The water in a central steam boiler is often treated with toxic descaling chemicals that, if injected directly into the cooker, could contaminate food. To alleviate this problem, the high-pressure, super-heated steam from the central plant is piped through a separate steam generator that generates “clean” steam.
  6. Steam generators place the production of steam near to the point of use. Steam generators require water, drain, and power source, electric or gas. The heat output of a steam generator is measured in boiler horse-power (BHP) and the number of pieces and size of the equipment that will be drawing from the generator must be determined. The operating pressure should also be considered. The higher the operating pressure, the higher the temperature of the steam. So, a steam-jacketed kettle that is fed with 5 psi steam will have a cooking surface temperature around 225 |degrees~ F. whereas a kettle fed with 15 psi steam will cook at roughly 250 |degrees~ F.
  7. Self-contained steam generators operate by heating water with gas burners or electric elements between the walls of a steam kettle, adding heat until the design pressure is reached. Self-contained steam generators in steam cookers do not produce pressurized steam. The steam is produced by electric coils that are submersed in a water trough inside the cabinet of the steamer.

Best Waffle Maker Product Review

Waffle makers – how to pick one

Waffles can anyone’s breakfast great instead of just being a mundane meal to start the day. Waffles are loved by everyone so be careful about which waffle iron or maker you decide to buy. Then all you have to do is eat as many as possible for breakfast. So here a few pointers on the best waffle maker in stores at the moment. There is no time to waste the sooner you have a maker the sooner you can enjoy waffles everyday.

Getting the right waffle maker is not as easy as it seems

You can go by the technical specifications of the many types of waffle makers available to buy, the ones that are technically the best may not be the best particular models for you to buy. To be honest if you had never thought about buying a waffle maker before, or your last one has stopped working after years of making tasty waffles the chose of makers could be almost bewildering. The available makers range from the most basic and cheapest brands right through to the most advanced and expensive models. Before picking a waffle maker decide the features you must have on an iron, and those that are not required.

Those people that only want a few basic waffles a day need only get a basic brand, those that want larger waffles that allow them to cook a variety of waffles should consider spending extra money on a more elaborate waffle maker. For a touch of indulgence seriously consider buying a Belgian waffle maker.

Waffle makers, do you get what you pay for?

Now some people always believe that something is then the better it will be. Before spending money on a waffle maker decide what you simply have to have, and what extras would be nice but are not essential. If you only want to make small waffles and are not desperate to have fancy ones then a no frills maker could well be your best option. If you simply have to have Belgian waffles you have to get yourself a Belgian waffle maker.

Generally the more you pay for a waffle maker the bigger and better the waffles should be. There are makers that allow you to make different kinds of waffle, they tend be a bit more expensive. Still these makers would save you from having to have a basic iron combined with a Belgian waffle maker. For those people with a smaller kitchen it might be a better option to buy a maker like that, as it would take up less room than two or more irons.

For bigger waffles just go Belgian

The Belgians know a good thing when they on to it. Their waffles amply proof the point. Belgian waffles have deeper pockets, all the better for putting extra tasty and extra large fillings on top of them. Just the thought of it is enough to make you want breakfast again.

Belgian waffle makers did not used to be that common, now the choice if just as widespread as it is for ordinary waffle irons. Some of the more expensive have all sorts of gadgets on them, some can even flip the waffles over for you. The top of the range makes can even put other things in the waffle mix for you, savory or sweet ingredients can be added to make the waffles tastier than ever before.

Some people end up having their own favorite brands and models of waffle makers whilst others just go out and the best waffle maker they can afford whenever they need to replace their previous one. Mind you people develop brand loyalty for cars, phones, and TVs so there is no reason why they should not develop preferences for waffle makers as well.

Make it non – stick

Just one last bit of advise, whatever waffle maker or iron you pick make sure it is non – stick, there will be less mess to clean up that way. After all cleaning up the irons wastes time that you spend eating waffles and drinking coffee in.

Over all then the best waffle maker is the one that does exactly what you want it do, when you want it done by.

The Waffle Maker Is The Right Equation To Out of This World Waffles

Do you love waffles on the average? However, when you cook them at home, for some reason they come out tasting bland and not so good. If the answer is yes to this question, it can be due to the recipe that you are using, and this is because the right recipes does matter. You don’t want waffle that are limp, chewy, or just plain old blah in description. The best way to get great waffles is with a recipe that is known to make yummy tasting waffles. It is a great waffle recipe coupled along with some awesome waffle making procedures that do make for delicious waffles of the very best kind.

A good many of the waffle recipes out there do contain the very same basic ingredients in them. Some of these ingredients do include Flour (or waffle/pancake mix), sugar, salt, milk, and eggs. The different types of waffles are achieved from the additives that are put into the batter, or to the toppings, which are placed atop the waffles after they have been prepared. Other than this, they are pretty much the same overall.

So, just what is it, which makes some waffles bad, some good, and others bad? It is technique and a few secrets. Highlighted will be a few tips here to help you in the making of great waffles. They will help to make a difference to the waffles that you do create in your kitchen or wherever else.

Batter Up!

First Tip:

A lot of recipes do call for some oil to be in the mix. There are some that don’t. It all depends on the recipe itself. You should always make sure to add one half a tablespoon of oil to your batter. This oil can either be cooking oil or vegetable oil. The oil helps to develop the outer crust on the waffles. It doesn’t matter if you make your waffles crisp and crunchy or if you like them soft like pancakes. The oil is a required ingredient.

Second Tip:

Do Not Beat The Batter Vigorously and Constantly – This will make your waffles come out too tough and chewy. You should only stir your batter mix lightly and to ensure that is has moisture in it. Because the batter for waffles can be a bit dry and stirring it gently will keep it moist. Don’t worry about there being any lumps in the batter. This is a minor thing. After all, they won’t show up in the waffles, after you have cooked them enough.

Waffle Iron Or Griddle Tips

First Tip:

This may feel like a “no-brainer” to you. Nonetheless, it is not wise to go ahead and pour batter into a waffle iron, which you just turned on about two minutes beforehand. The waffle iron isn’t heated up properly enough to cook your waffles properly. Therefore, do make sure that your waffle iron is heated up fully and is hot, before you go ahead and try to put your waffle batter into it. If this isn’t done as it should be, the waffle mixture will not rise up, and you will fail to create the right kind of waffles that you do hope to make for yourself and your loved ones to eat and enjoy.

Second Tip:

Do not apply any cooking oil spray to your waffle iron. This is because, again, you may think it is convenient to do so and prevent the waffles from sticking. However, once more, you need to avoid doing this right off. The reason being that it can ruin the cooking surface of your waffle iron griddle over the course of time. This is why manufacturers of waffle irons do strongly advise not to do this at all. You should only use a light coating of solid Crisco. This is what works the best. The coating should only be very lightly and that is it. Your waffle iron will go on to last a lot longer by following the rules of thumb and this is one of them. You don’t want to go ruining your griddle surface by putting things on it that are bad.

The waffle maker that is the right equation to creating out of this world waffles. Therefore, when you go shopping for a waffle maker, you should take all these facts into consideration and know them in advance of your waffle iron purchase.