Choose a helmet before each trip

In this article we want to share to readers what kinds of comfortable motorcycle helmets is used today mainly with the pros and cons of each type of hat to suit your choices before each trip.


There is also a brief definition of this type of hat: This type can only cover the top half of the head.

  • Pros: It has advantages by compact dimensions, more stylish, airy and very easy to carry, can be easily fit into the trunk of modern motorcycles. Also, users can comfortably use a wired headset or Bluetooth because the ears are not covered.
  • Cons: It has the lowest protection because it can cover the top half of your head. During an accident, in other areas such as the face, ears, chin and back of the neck are severely vulnerable.

>> You should only use it to go around the city at a slower speed. When riding motorcycle in long way or backpacking, it would not be appropriate to use this type of hat.

Half-Face helmet


A 3/4 hat, as the name, Open face helmet, is the type that may cover the first three quarters of the user, including the crown, nape and 2 ears.

  • Pros: Thanks to the ability to cover a larger area, it will be better for head protection. Equipped with a ¾ helmet is the windshield to prevent wind against your face while driving on the road side.
  • Cons: With larger dimensions, this type of cap will not get the kind of hat compact as the half face, during an accident, the helmet could protect ¾ the head, and the driver’s chin can still hurt, also because the structure covering the ears should be hard to get a headset when using ¾ helmets.

>> Type hats are more suitable for those who go away but still appropriate to use in city.

Full Face

The Full face is likely filled the rider’s head with both the face and chin.

  • Pros: Comprehensive protection for the head neck, jaw user, shielding glass front part of the Full Face to avoid sunscreen, wind and other types can resist ultraviolet rays. The front glass equipment will help the driver when traveling at high speed without the wind against your face cause fatigue, drowsiness, watery…
  • Cons: The size is quite large, heavy and bulky types of should not in storage facilities because it is poor in ventilation and releasing heat.

Full Face helmet

>>The Full face suits for those who use large motorcycles, the long distance backpackers, drove at high speed.


As discussed above, ¾ hats or full– face helmets, each hat has its own advantages and disadvantages. Combining the strengths, compensate for weaknesses of the two types of caps have launched this type of helmet called Modular (flip up). Basically, this is a full face helmet but with the protection of mobile jaw, in case of can be pulled over the top and it becomes exponential ¾.

Off-road, motocross

The name of this type of hat attached to Rakes (Motocross) line is often used in races or backpacking tours terrain.

Generally this type might be similar hat with full face helmet but protect the chin and longer baseball to protect shading and better soil. If you’ve ever known cars locusts will this model and very appropriate regular commuter on the wetlands, rocky dirt lot. Composed as above will help protect the maximum head and face of the user.

Above are the common types of helmets today, depending terrain conditions you select yourself a suitable helmet. Have a safe trip.

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