Good tips help babies relieve pain while teething baby

When appear the first tooth, many infants will be a high fever in some days and the baby becomes uncomfortable and cries so much. Many parents especially some young mothers who have no experience will worry about baby health. However, some babies do not have any signs of teething fever. In addition, at this time the baby will be so pain and he will be so irritability. At this time mother should help him relieve that pain with the good tips which in this article I want to mention, right!

Some signs of teething baby

It is very necessary to know that the baby has a fever due to teething baby not disease. When you know this you will take care of him in the right way. Parents can refer to 10 following common signs:

  • Run the drooling,
  • Have the rash around the mouth and chin,
  • Be cough,
  • Like biting,
  • Be pain,
  • Be easy to irritate,
  • Do not want to breastfeed,
  • Get the diarrhea,
  • Have a fever,
  • Do not sleep well,

We are very difficult to know the exactly time when baby starts appear the first teeth. However, most of babies often teethe about 6 months of age and then the remaining teeth continue to grow until they are about 30 months. Mothers can note that if baby has some strange signs like above. You can think that your baby is teething.

Good tips help babies relieve pain while teething baby

It is very necessary that mother should try to soothe the pain of the baby by the good tips below:

1. The baby should be bathed with warm water

Mother prepares warm water to bath for baby and let him be a dip in it. After that you can massage gently and drop some interesting toys into water. This will help baby calm down and forget the pain effectively.

2. Let baby to suck the cold nipple

If the mother is feeding now at that time the baby does not want to breastfeed and he can “bite” you. Therefore, you can pour a cup of cold water into the milk bottle and give him. When sucking cold nipples can soothe the baby pain and release the uncomfortable feeling. And mother also assured that he will not drink too much water in it.

3. Cooling of baby toys

There are some toys for teething baby. Parents should let them into the refrigerator before putting the baby plays because of the cold toys in this time having an effect like an anaesthetic for baby. However, you need to check carefully the manual instructions of these toys because there are many baby toys which they should not be cooled.

4. Give baby some chilled fruits

Place in a mesh bag a part of chilled banana or soft fruit to baby suck. With the sweet and frozen fruit will make your baby forget the discomfort of a new tooth.

5. Baby “borrowed” his mother’s fingers

Mother should wash hands very clean and you can massage baby’s gum by your fingers. If you do so, the baby pain will reduce greatly. Also, the mother can give to suck and bite his fingers.

6. Baby like his mother’s chin

You should keep your face cleanly because your baby also loves “gnawing” the mother’s chin. So mother must be the patience. This is a way which you can help your baby relieve pain while teething.

7. Bring the baby to meet the doctor

In the case, your baby has a high fever constantly and he cries so much. You should bring him to see the doctor as soon as possible to treat properly. Sometimes, your baby has a serious case of teething baby after you try all ways above.

In conclusion, any baby also has to go through the teething stage and they also have such manifestation. So mothers do not worry that you should try to find ways to soothe the pain for the baby and teething baby will gradually become more familiar moreover the baby’s symptoms also decreased significantly. I hope that this article will provide a lot of valuable knowledge about teething baby for you. Actually you have a lot of useful information about the teething baby you can help your child so much to soothe the pain.

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