How to bear hunt

Safety awareness and advanced skills are requirements in hunting bears because this is an intense hunt. How dangerous you are with these predatory bears! Thus, remember to prepare for yourself the best optics for ar 15 to get the most exact shots. Before hunting, you had better also know that in EU and some countries, hunting bear is illegal. With most regions in the US, you have required a special permit as well as the specific regulations applying to it. That means you must understand clearly your local laws before your hunt.

Plan your hunt:

  • To determine your bear hunting area, you should study topographical map before

That means you had better study both the favored area with the wildlife maps’ local division for determining a possible hunting unit. You can set your mind at rest because most of the state has outlined their individual hunting ones on the custom map.


  • Look for the wildlife agency’s public records

Before hunting, you have to determine hunter success rates and bear populations there. Base on these records, let you finalize your hunting unit.

  • Pay fee for the state wildlife regulating agency to apply for your permit

On application, you need to specify the weapon option and selected unit because they will determine legal hunting date for your hunt. There are some choices of bear hunting weapon such as bow and arrows, muzzleloaders and rifles. The final one is the most common option due to the rifles’ high-velocity bullet can kill vital organs of bear quicker than black powder ball and arrow.

  • Mark unit boundaries on your topographical map

Besides, don’t forget to mark all of the potential trails, roads accessing locations in the legal boundaries. You should focus on trails and roads which can access big public areas.

Bear hunting strategies:

  • Base on the bears’ food source to determine its position

To gain fat for summer, the bear can consume a lot of foods from sources of big calorie. Below are some specific examples:

– During summer seasons, grizzly bears live in the rock faces of the high country. So how they look for food? They will peel rocks away scree slopes in order to find high-protein sources from insects and moths. Even plants and animals are also their foods. They usually occupy places near to herds to hunt.

– Black bears are opportunist so they are going to use a wide range of sources of different food: trash from humans being, bear hunting games, forage for insects and plants.

– With brown bears, salmon in river valleys is their food sources. While waiting for salmon arrive, brown bears will occupy in low elevations for hunting forage or moose.


  • To draw bears into your hunting area, let you utilize bait and wounded game calls

In fact, to draw bear within your shooting distance, you can use these techniques separately or combine them each other.

In my opinion, the most effective way to attract the bear is to use lard baits and burnt sugar but you ought to learn about careful because with some of the places, this is illegal. Therefore, before implementing, let you check your local regulations.

The high pitch squeals are used in wounded game calls for imitating distressed animals like dying rabbits. You can find out easily available calls in outdoor shops even require creating sound by blowing mouthpiece.

  • Use hounds for running bears

Although bears can lead the chase within a few hours, finally, they will be tired and refuge in a tree.

You must train your hounds as long as they can hike long distances regularly. Moreover, your physical condition has to also be excellent.

Beware of bears can turn whenever to attack you and your dogs so you should ready utilize your weapon.

  • To hunt bear effective and safe, you need to find out a tree stand for yourself.

Like above, tree stand hunter also need utilize calls or baits for attracting animals. The advantage of this way is to shoot without alerting prey about your appearance.

Shoot as soon as possible bear’s front or behind shoulder

It is very easy for the bullet to penetrate into the skin as well as its vital organs from this position so the bear will be killed quicker.


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