How to Choose a Right Shoes for Nurses

How to choose a right shoe for a nurse?

Portrait of a smiling nurse in front of her medical team

When you don’t choose the right shoe for you, then you will have to suffer the pain both literally and figuratively. Shoes for nurse come in different variety of shapes, designs, andstyles that might be confusing when you choose to buy the best one for you.

Each shoe will perform differently and it will make an impact on your work throughout the day. These all will be main things which you have to look out for when you want to avoid adding any confusion or stress to your work. Here is a list of factors which you have to look for when choosing a nursing shoe.

When you make sure you choose the right shoes according to these factors, then it will be a great choice for you. These factors will be applicable for both men and women nursing shoes.

  • Weight & Comfort:


Shoes are something which will be needed for daily activities, so the weight of the shoe plays a major role. When you choose a shoe which is clunky or heavy, then it might affect your comforts and your mood throughout the day.Choosing ultra-comfortable shoes like a best nursing shoes  or atleast the ones which don’t create discomfort will ensure your performance at work is highly good.

When you are working at a desk all the time, and then choosing a shoe which is heavy doesn’t affect your performance. But, when you are on the feet all the time, then choosing something which is lightweight and comfortable is the one right for you.

When you choosesomething lightweight and comfortable, it will make your overall performance better, also when you choose it with a pair of compression socks it will help improve your blood circulation and flow.

  • Support & Stability choose-a-right-shoes-for-nurses

Choosing a shoe with good stability and support is the one which is important for nurses are they work for longer shiftsfor both comfort and health. When you want to eliminate back, leg and foot pain, those choosing something with good ankle and back support are important.

The heel height, shape, design, and material all playa huge role in making it better for nurses to use.

  • Shape & Design

There are a lot of different shapes and designs of nursing shoes which you can choose from, which may depend upon your foot type and your medical conditions. Crocs, athletic sneakers, clogs and running or tennis shoes are the most common types of shoes worn by nurses.

All the types and shapes have its own pros and cons, so make sure you choose according to the work environment, feet type, and medical condition. Also, you can ask suggestion from your co-workers about the shoe type which they use, which will give you a good idea from which to choose.

Asking a foot doctor might also be a good idea as they will know better about your foot and they can suggest you with the best type which suits you. Also, in certain healthcare companies will have a set of rules about choosing the company, so make sure of that with your employer before purchasing one?

  • Work Functionchoose-a-right-shoes-for-nurses

Depending upon the type of work you do it, is better to choose a shoe or two which can consider for using different routines. Asking a podiatrist will help you even in this case, as they will have a good idea on which type of shoe which suit you and on which environment of works.

Some prefer to bring two shoes with them to switch between as per their need. Wearing something soft and comfortable will best when you sit for a long period and something lightweight ones when you have to walk around more.

  • Warranty & Price

The cost of the nurse shoe will depend on the design, brand, material and features you choose. Some shoes will cost more depending upon the brand itself. So don’t worry about spending some more money as it might give you a better chance of having something for the long-term.

The warranty of the shoes also varies depending upon the brand and the material used. So making sure you consider all these factors when you buy a shoe is important and will make your decision right.

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