How to select the pure coffee ground?

Having one delicious cup of coffee not only brings the super high level of energy, but also the excitement to start an interesting day from the early morning. As the demand for a beverage is rising, there are different types of coffee in the market including the high-quality and the blend versions. However, to select one kind of pure coffee to taste everyday is not as simple as you may think.


How to know whether your coffee ground contains the pure ingredients or not? Is the coffee you are drinking good for your health, lifespan and even for the true beauty?

In fact, the answer is not difficult at all. Since the coffee ground is a special nut which has lots of differences, it will be easy to distinguish between the pure coffee ground, the powers and especially with other grains. Therefore, to ensure the healthy element and quality for your coffee ground, individuals need to remember a few basic details about the properties of roasted coffee beans to differentiate them from other kinds in the market.

Generally, people often pay attention to the color to determine the quality of their coffee. When pouring the boiling water into the keurig coffee maker, the first beans usually release dark water, then the color starts to fade through the time. A delicious cup of coffee delivers the cool taste when feeling by your tongue. However, getting a bit closer about other details would be more interested.

Before you brew

The quality – volume

The roasted coffee ground always has the high quantity or volume compared to soybean or different types of grains.

Different from other grains and nuts, pure grounds will both have their volume increased up to 2 times; and the weight reduced down to 30% when reaching a particular stage of temperature. Therefore, roasted coffee ground tends to have the high quantity when comparing to other grains. If you prefer using measuring tools to check out, you will see that the volume of the pure ground is always bigger than other grains.

  • Base on this feature, individuals can distinguish even from the beginning; which do not require you to pour out the coffee grounds from the package.
  • When holding 2 bags of 500g, the pack with the pure coffee ground will give you the heavier feeling. You will also feel that the pack is bigger and fuller.

The porosity

When looking by your eyes, pure coffee ground tends to have the light feature, porous and grounds are easy to fall apart. Commonly, there are two ways to determine the porosity of your coffee.

Use your hand

  • Nowadays, local store or coffee shop allows customers to check the quality of coffee before purchasing. Some give you a chance to check out by your hand.
  • When smashing the fingers together, coffee ground contains pure ingredients appears to be lighter and more porous. It is easy to see from your view.
  • In contrast, the combination of coffee ground and cornstarch or soybean is heavier. It also sticks together to form small lumps.

Use water

If you have one bag contains the pure ground and another with a combination of coffee and other grains. Take one amount of ground from each bag then pour on the water surface.

Obviously, the pure coffee ground has low specific weight; which means it tends to float to the top. O the other hand, other grains have a greater specific weight that will make they sink faster.While putting in the blender of coffee maker, roasted beans have the stable cellulose fiber structure. As a result, they are fragile and easy to break when being blended in the coffee maker. In contrast, the great combination of different ingredient is not as porous as the ground coffee.


In fact, the pure coffee ingredient is less hydrated which does not contain much humidity. Flour and other unusual grains retain water and higher humidity. Moreover, since different types of pea and corn do not have their particular scent, the manufacturers are more likely to spring chemicals. They contain both the synthetic and artificial coffee aromas before grinding into the soft ground.

Therefore, the mixed coffee ground always looks wet, even it tends to impregnate when being coloring. Different from the mixed grains, the pure coffee ingredient is dry and porous.


When roasting your ingredients to one particular stage of temperature and time, coffee appears in the dark brown color. Besides, roasted corn which the manufacturer combines into coffee usually has the black bold color. Therefore, “color” is the simple term which manufacturers always use to describe the mixed ingredients and popcorn.

  • For coffee ground which has just been roasted, it tends to have the yellow light color tone and sour taste.Due to consumer habits, individuals often seek for the black color when having their cup of coffee. Therefore, people utilize more “color” (besides caramel colorings and chemical) to dye the original tone of coffee.
  • On the other hand, roasted soybean and nuts also appear in the dark brown. However, they are completely unlike the dark brown of the pure coffee ingredient.

The smell

For those who have become professional in differentiating the coffee ground, it is not hard to recognize the pleasant, attractive and very typical of pure ingredients. These days, there are still people who often confused and appreciate the smell of chemical aromas. The reason is because they have less opportunity to smell the original coffee ground.

  • Corn and soybeans also have a slightly fishy smell. If you are skillful enough to distinguish when smelling, you will notice this.
  • Soybean and other mixed ingredient reveal the acrid smell, aromas blend; which is not soft and gentle as the original ingredient.

From the first part, we have suggested different elements individuals need to keep in mind when choosing their coffee ground. They are very useful for you to select the high-quality ingredient which keeps the delicious flavors and tasty smell. But besides the grains, don’t forget that you need to have one coffee maker to brew the drink. For those who are seeking for one, check out this coffee maker reviews. Goodluck and don’t forget to read the next part.

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