Introduction About Kayaking

The Kayak is the kind of compact design, beautiful boat is used more in foreign countries. Today with the social needs of developing the relax by kayak, river kayaking fun developing in many places in. Kayak which is a kind of very light boats of the Eskimos. Initially, this canoe is designed for a person sitting, wrapped in leather seals and by the Aboriginal North Americans invented used to hunt large animals such as sea lions, walrus, whales … Its original name was the Qajaq, Europeans pronounce the way simplify the kayak. You can select one of inflatable kayak in order to choose the best inflatable kayak when you want to go somewhere by this.
  • The First Thing That You Should Know

Kayak we have quite many types: composite plastic, molded rubber or inflatable boat, all floating in any situation and always use the top two oars. About shape, kayak looks no different from the bamboo leaves, small, long, slender as well as very charming. Usually has vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange., featured on the blue waters kayaking chasms are always created incredibly vibrant paintings. More modern cities, people’s life as well as that more advanced, ever-present help people relax, stress discharge after learning, work stress is increasingly diverse and abundant. A strange new game entered and been well-received youth currently there is kayaking. Games not only help you discharge stress but also the immense land, river water, experience adventure feeling extremely interesting and memorable.
Attractiveness of the Kayak lies in adventurous nature. The kayak is the journey that courage, calm, patience, the ability to handle situations flexibly together human technique being challenged, assay and reviews. Overcome the vast River rapids, the craggy rock Rapids, the waves of intense white columns … and reward for the pass is the confidence, sense of victory and the experience, was elated feelings didn’t get.
You will be equipped with life jackets and trainer instructions very thoroughly before in crystal-clear river cruises, conquer and overcome the obstacles ahead is also crossed himself. You need to know how to paddle, fixed guide foot, thigh when sailing and rescue skills when distress

  • Kayak Level Classification

Each boat has the method to classify the level of difficulty of the rivers but can be divided into the following levels:
+ Level 1 (simple): flowing water with small waves. Generally quite safe and players can contrive without rescue from outside.
+ Level 2 (for a beginner): fast-flowing River with Rapids and whirlpools, waves rocks but quite easily overcome or avoided. Need to have control of those more fluent but not dangerous.
+ Level 3 (Intermediate): fairly fast flowing rivers with many rock Vortex and big waves. In general the flow can change constantly and flowing fast. This level of technical mastery necessary to drive the boat and need the help when needed. Individuals can contrive to be but the team still need a rescue plan.
+ Level 4 (Advance): the flow is strong, there are many big waves, the pits and the flow is not predictable, many bends, requires skill helm. There are many dangers that are difficult to get help from the outside.
+ Level 5 (Professional): as level 4 but the sections of the river continuously and can not be avoided that are forced to pass. This level is very dangerous and requires players to be very technical. Level 4 and 5 can have several big Rapids.
+ Level 6 (can’t pass): this level only people holding extremely strong techniques, along with prepared very carefully to be adventurous. Kayaking can be through one of the upper levels. A river can have several different levels. And usually is a river in the lower level but there are a few Rapids have in higher levels. In addition, the season also created for different levels of the river. The flood season usually increases the difficulty level of the river.

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