Low carb diet should or not

Many people argue that low carb diet is the last trend helping you lose more weight than other methods. There are also many diet menus like 7 days or 17 days dietary for obese people to follow. However, other opponents claim that this is actually not effective and useful for your health as well. In the negative side, I must admit that low carb is not the most ideal solution for you. These items below will explain you the reason.

  1. More stressful

Cortisol so-called stress hormone is generated more highly in the morning and when your body is fully charged with calories. However, in this time you do not want to add full foods to cover the favorable environment for this hormone. Keeping the diet for a long time does not ensure your body to function optimally. This leads to the elevated levels of such hormones. You must know that, the more chronically cortisol levels are elevated, the more you feel hunger and crave unhealthy foods, especially easy to accumulate fat like snack, sweet cakes…

In back, your hormonal environment will be negatively affected by chronic stress. This does make your health become hunger, preventing you from lose weight as well.

For this case, you could take breathing exercise to balance your psychology status and reduce stress. Or take a view of social webs such as Facebook, Twitter or books and movies. They are considered as entertainment activities bringing you relaxing hours.

Stress is one of reasons causing non-sleep that has deep relationship with weight gain and obesity. The science has shown that lack of sleep can make you always in need of foods. The person not having a fulfill sleep is very easy to be tired and less motivated to do exercise or eat healthy.

More important, there are some cases that because of lacking sleep, people feel more stressful. As the result, they find favorite foods to pass over sadness and stress. This also makes you not in control of your weight and become heavy to move.


In fact, sleep is the main factor of your health. Although you are doing everything in the right way and have no proper sleep, you will not see anywhere the result as you want.

Low carb could make people difficult to sleep. For a long time, this will cause chronic diseases like headache, Alzheimer, cancel… Thus, if you see that you have troubles with sleeping, you must go to see a doctor to be treated quickly. You could find easier ways to sleep as below:

  • No drink caffeine after 2 p.m
  • Relaxing by taking some activities before sleeping
  • Build the habit of sleeping at the same time every day
  1. Depending on low carb to get weight loss

So depending on low carb that you hardly take any exercises like gym, cardio, strengthen machine or swimming. It is claimed that only by this dietary menu, you are possible to lose weight and limit the calories. But for any ages, doing exercises is the way for you to burn calories the fastest.

Actually, exercise is crucial for both mental and physical health. Doing often exercise improves your metabolic process and increases your muscle; making you feel comfortable.

In addition, it must be claimed that what kind of exercises you should choose. The fitness workouts are available and plentiful for you to select the most suitable. If you intent to take part in a gym club where there have different machines to try you could make sure the teacher will give you the best advice.

Instead of that, you want to equip your house with a machine; you should have a look at cardio kind. This type of workouts includes a huge range of machines like stationary bike, treadmills, elliptical… They are with easy to use function to help you get accustomed with doing exercise easily.

On other hand, you focus on weight loss so much that you do not have time to take care of your normal. Your family must be the first mention. You do exercise means to have more time to do with your families. Give an example, you teach your kids to learn with balance bike. From choosing the best balance bike for your kids to teach them how to ride must be complicated. When guiding them to ride, you also ride another in parallel way to follow and talk with kids. In the modern age, the time with families is rare to have.

Doing exercise does not only help you burn calories more quickly but also keep your healthy life with families.

  1. So many sweeteners and small meals a day

In the dietary menu, sweet factors are allowed to be added more because according to professionals, they have no calories. However, this is the main sector leading to your speedy appetite levels. More sweet foods you eat more hunger feelings you get. It could be said that sweets encourage you to eat more and more.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners are associated to the weight gain in a long time. They have very bad impacts on your health and your weight loss process. In various dietary menus, sweeteners are hardly supplied in your meals until you can be over than a half of the progress. Thus, the low carb with more sweeteners is not really efficient for you.

The first regulation in the low carb diet is dividing meals to small ones. But there is no proven benefit to eating many small meals during a day. The health study claimed that no advantage can be found if you eat more frequently. In the contrast, this creates a bad habit and makes you easier to be weight gain.

Thus, the science menu is eating in an 8 hour window every day. Keep your meals in the right way and a suitable menu to guarantee your own health.

For all, low carb is actually the nice solution for you to follow. However, during applying this method, you should consider and select what is the most suitable for you. It because belongs to conditions of each body, it brings different results. I hope you could avoid the disadvantages of this solution and get an effective way for weight loss.

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