Some things to do in Coney Island of New York in winter

To get your bracing experiences, let you visit the Coney Island off-season of Brooklyn especially in winters in place of hiking because you have to prepare many things for a hiking trip like a good baby hiking backpack (if you go with your baby). This will be your dramatic & eerie trip with Parachute Jump, the skeleton of well-known Cyclones roller coaster in Cone Island, the ocean, and the open sky.
The beautiful wintertime in Coney Island is an industrial-urban-landscape type. What’s more, it is a great pensive escape from the urban bustle and hustle. Although the beach & amusement park are closed from September to May, there are a lot of things to do, enjoy even dream about wandering the area off-season. Are you ready for brisk ocean breezes?


  • Zen Out at the New York Aquarium

The world-class of New York City gets scheduled fish-feeding shows & great exhibits. It opens all year round with not only outdoor but indoor exhibits as well. The New York Aquarium will create your good date as well as a nice family trip.

  • Stroll or Run a 5K Race the Atlantic Ocean Boardwalk

The most well-known boardwalk of New York will provide you the rolling Atlantic Ocean on a side, amusement park on another, rides of Coney Island & other nice people watching in between.
This is a suggested itinerary for both first-time visitors and tourists. You just need begin at Coney Island then walk to Brighton Beach. At that place, you are able to find out a tasty hot authentic Russian borscht bowl for sure. After that, the subway will head you back home. Come here to take the feeling of you have been away for one month. Let you check out the October charity Run for the Wild or the Coney Island’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

  • Enjoy a Nathan’s Hot Dog at the Original Hot Dog Stand

Now Nathan’s Hot Dog isn’t a mom-and-pop anymore because it has 8 thousand Nathan’s well-known hot dog stands all over the world that means the global franchise. However, the original shop is in Coney Island. There are more or fewer people said that the hot dog here gets a better taste. (Of course, it is the indoor hot dog stand)


  • Feast on Classic Brooklyn Pizza at Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano

It is difficult to beat a pizza of Totonno in a serious pizza-eating area like Brooklyn as it stands out shoulders & head among hundreds of local pizzerias which you can look for dotting each neighborhood in the borough. Do you know why? All you will be wolfing down with fun from fresh sauce to thin crust and many things else made on premises especially these pizzas are baked in a brick oven. In a word, because Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano is a Coney Island institution so its taste is really good.
Luckily, the Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano doesn’t let attention & all the Zagat raves going to the heads. Perhaps they know pizza is all that they are doing.

  • Explore Coney’s Past at the Coney Island Museum

This is an idiosyncratic little museum which is used to preserving the unique history of Coney Island. Entrance fee is a whopping – 99 cents but you don’t get what you paid for. What you get is a whiff of Coney Island’s freak, zany and unsanitized show side on yesterday. This museum gets ancient memorabilia, antiques, photos & Coney’s relics in the past. What’s more, you may catch the special performances, lectures and exhibit even internship programs. After all, now, it is closed to repair because of incurred damage in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy.

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