Top 7 Rules to Choose Shoes for Men

Any luxurious costumes must have a pair of shoes. The shoes are not only an accessory but also an important piece of men’s clothes. Moreover, the method of identifying a true gentleman is observing his shoes. There are many types of shoes but to have a pair of shoes which fit your, men should take note of some rules:


  1. The more simpler the more exquisite

If black dress is an indispensable item for women, a pair of black shoes is a necessity item for men. This shoe style is suitable for many outfits. When choosing this type of shoes, you should choose the type of classic shape, made of patent leather. As the shoes get simple, it mixes and matches easily.

  1. Choose the type of shoes to fit your feet

Square- toed bring to the strength while round-toed is popular because it is fashionable and go with other clothes easily. Don’t choose the shoes which is to tight your feet. Beside, the thickness of the leather and shoe ventilation system is an important factor to pay attention.

  1. Colors of shoes

Most men choose black shoes because of its subtle. Other men choose brown shoes for its elegant. In addition, the handsome Italian gentleman owned a lot of black shoes, but they wore it for those really big events. Instead, they often prefer the brown shoes since it is elegant, trendy and easy to match with the costumes.

Beside the black or brown shoes, you should try other color shoes as cobalt blue shoes, gray, moss green, red, gold and so forth with classic or alternative style to match clothes.

  1. Smart Investment

Do not think that the amount could compensate for the quality. Men’s shoes are more demanding in terms of structure, material, technology and so on. Therefore, costs can be expensive, but you will never regret to invest in a pair of famous brand shoes, it can use at least 3-5 years, even longer than that.

  1. Check the status of shoes

You should buy a pair of insole to preserve. Pair of insole helps keep the shape, absorb moisture and deodorizer . You should regularly check the insoles of the shoes year after year. Curved soles, peeling glue will damage your shoes. You should change insole after six months to a year to comfort and protect the sole.

  1. Polishing shoes

These gentlemen need a box of shoes polish for black and brown shoes.  The shoes polish help to moisten and keep up the leather, so you do not necessarily have to choose a color for it. When cleaning, the job will be easy if you use old clouts.

  1. Color of socks

Do not choose a pair of white socks to go with shiny black shoes. It is the immutable rules. Remember that the color of socks have same colour with the shoes. With the sports shoes to walk around, you should wear the bobby-socks.  It will make you look healthier and more comfortable.

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