What are the things a beginner needs to play golf?

Golf is a popular sport which requires both muscle works and skills. It is not a sport to be taken lightly. Playing golf means that you need a very high level of commitment to your tools and how you play.

Here are four things you would need to do if you want to take up the golfing hobby:

Invest in your set of clubs

The line between a professional golfer and an amateur who plays for fun lies beyond their set of clubs. The best golf clubs for beginners 2016 is a set that fit them. Buying golf clubs can be a frustrating experience as it can consume you a lot of time and effort. But when you’ve got the right set for you, you will be rewarded with fantastic experiences on the field.

Golf clubs are the reason why I said you are required to commit a lot if you want to take up the hobby of playing golf. You don’t really need to have a full set of 14 clubs if you are just getting used to the thing. Just make sure you have a basic set of: Driver, Iron, Wood, Putter and Wedge. Make sure that you are consulted by a professional while buying these clubs as they need to be good in quality and they have to be customized in order to fit you only. Keep in mind that there are standard sizes but all golf clubs need to be customized for each individual.


Lessons from a professional player

 Obvious as it sound, you need to both watch and practice in order to play well. Just like other sports, you can just practice on your own and learn from the experiences you have yourself. But that would take a very long time for you to improve. Reading, watching and learning from someone who is better and is used to the thing is actually the fastest way to skill up.


For instance, you can spend your time learning how to pitch a golf ball by yourself or you can read on how to hold your club in order to pitch the ball effectively. Professionals can teach your many things from how to swing your club to how you should adjust your hands. That’s why they are professionals. Spend your time on those lessons and learn properly. You can learn on your own when you are already a pro.

Learn the rules

Yes, knowing what you are allowed and not allowed to do in helps you a lot in improving how you play. Learning the rules is one way to make sure that you are heading the right track and not wasting your time on things you shouldn’t do. However, you don’t need to bury your head in the rule book. Just understand the basic things would be enough. In fact, your assistant is the one who should understand well about the rule.

Practice on the green

Ok, so being strong and is able to use your driver and irons well can take you to the green in just a few hits. But when you have reached the green, what will you do? Real competitions begin on the green. You don’t have to be so strong to drive your ball far, but you need to be skillful to make it to the holes. Without practice, you can hardly put your ball into the hole with less than 5 hits.
So it is essential to practice your short game. Be a scalpel with high precision, don’t be a hammer on the golf field.

That’s it for the basic of how to play golf. Enjoy your time on the green fields!

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