What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Feet?

Making your feet pain-free is very easy. Following healthy measures like good hygiene, using proper fitting shoes and doing self-examinations will be helpful. When you want to stay active and feel good, then having a healthy foot is important, which will avoid you having unnecessary problems and pains. So please don’t neglect your feet!!

Tips for having a healthy foot


There are certain tips which you have to follow for keeping your feet in good condition.

  • Keeping your feet dry and clean

When you follow good hygienic techniques, then your feet will be healthy. Cleaning and scrubbing your feet thoroughly with soap and water while taking a bath can help a lot in keeping it that way.

After cleaning it, you should dry it thoroughly. Fungal issues occur when you keep your feet with moisture, which will make it more difficult for you. Make sure of keeping your feet as dry as possible to be away from any fungal issues.

  • Inspecting your feet regularly

Keeping a track of your feet by inspecting it then and there while taking a bath is a good practice. While cleaning and drying off your feet, take a good look at your soles for scaling and toes for any peeling. This condition is said to be as athlete’s feet.

There might also be discoloration of nails which might be because of fungus formation. People having diabetes might have high risks of foot infections and soring.

  • Proper cutting of toenails

When you don’t properly cut the toenails, then it will lead to pain or uneven nail growth which is not good.

  • Hiding ugly nails

When you suffer from crack, discoloration or crumbling of the nail, then it might be because of nail fungus. In such cases, when you apply nail polish it will createan infectionin the area which might make it even worse.

  • Public area protection

While in public places like gyms, public pools, and locker rooms, it is always recommended to wear shower shoes. Fungi growth and affecting will be highly possible in these areas which will lead to future infections.

  • Foot-gear sharing

When you choose to use others socks or shoes, it might not be a good practice. It is said to give a lot of fungal infections, so avoid using rental ones.

  • Clean sweaty feet

Each foot is said to have around 250,000 sweat glands galore. When you have sweat in your feet it is said to create growth of bacteria. Having a sock around your feet for keeping it dry is a good idea to maintain it healthily.

It is said that using of synthetic socks will dry away moisture quickly than that of wool or cotton. Wearing tight pantyhose will also lead to stagnation of moisture.

  • Air passable footwear

For keeping your feet dry and healthy you should wear shoes which are made of leather and has free air flow. Also, when you have very sweaty feet you should choose to use fabrics made of mesh for making it have a free air flow and proper ventilation to keep it dry.

  • Proper shoes

Wearing something tight might lead to a lot of problems, according to the researchers. It is also said that shopping of the shoes should be done by evening time after our work as our feet might be swollen that time and the size you choose then will be perfect for you.

Also, choosing the shoes while wearing the socks, which you want to wear it with will help you in determining the right size. You should choose a shoe which is broad and can give some room for your toes, it will make it a better fit. Pointed shoes will create cramp to your feet and make it difficult for your feet.

  • Knowing when you want to check a doctor

You should not treat your foot yourself on all occasions it might spoil. When you have swelling, redness, discoloration or pain in your feet, which stays for a long time, then you should check with a doctor immediately.

When the problem is minor, you can cure it with medicines or minor procedures. Making sure of the problems on the minor states will help you avoid major ones later on

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