Pangolins are one of the most distinctive species in the world, notwithstanding it has been endangered these days.

Environmental activists are managing to protect the pangolins left from being attacked and killed illegally for the trading purpose.

Sooner or later, if humans do not take any action immediately, pangolins will be definitely the next species which is given into the list of extinct animals. There is a truth that before the time that pangolins officially vanish or even if it already disappeared from Earth anymore, not many of us are aware that there is the existence of this unique species ever on our planet.

Hence, the question here is, what pangolins look like and what are interesting facts about them?


  • The features of a pangolin

Unlike other animals, the pangolins exactly have their appearance in a scaly structure. Their tongues are very long and their main foods include ants as well as termites. Moreover, they are nocturnal and most of the time found in tropical forests or woodlands.

In case of being attacked, they will use their scales and simultaneously curl their bodies up like a ball.

Some pangolins usually dig holes underground to sleep, whereas others sleep in tree trunks. If necessary, they can even swim for self-protection. All of them are capable of burrowing to seek insects, and speaking in a figurative way, they get a chance to travel around the underground world because they are actually experts in digging.

At the present time, there are around eight types of pangolins in all. Four of them are Asian while the rest is African. You can find them in countries, consisting of China, India, south-east Asia and some African regions.

In various pangolin species, there are pangolin kinds which are highly in danger of vanishing while some are vulnerable, long tailed pangolins, white bellied or tree pangolins, for example.

  • The reasons for the fact that pangolins are threatened?

It is reported that approximately 100,000 pangolins are killed annually then transported to different markets for their body parts to be sold with a high price. The meat of this odd mammal is considered as a specialty in Southeast Asian nations and their scales are used for medicine recipes.

An increase in both pangolin meat and scales accidentally boosts the development of pangolin trading. Pangolins are endangered partly because their habitat is affected in a negative way by pesticides together with electric fences. However, the most important agent causing pangolin threat is excessive hunting.

In order to determine the location of pangolins living in trees, people often use dogs. Moreover, when pangolins defend themselves from predators like lions, tigers and leopards by rolling their bodies up, it is beneficial for humans to seize them.

The latest incident has shown that the scaly mammal was hunted in a violent way by a security guard. He shot a pangolin five times and explained that the pangolin had attacked him previously. As a result, the animal could not fight for survival due to too severe injuries.


Illegal pangolin poaching is still occurring on a regular basis in various regions so as to meet the increasing demand for their parts without any official controlling activity from the governments. Right measures should be taken to lessen the current situation. In fact, it is easier said than done since pangolins are at present one of the world’s most hunted animals.

It will be a nice suggestion if these bizarre mammals become the main characters of one film. People should get the opportunity to be aware of their characteristics as well as their habitats. More importantly, there are not many of them left on Earth these days. In addition to enhancing law, solutions to help people reduce their consumption of products from pangolin meat or scales are much worthwhile.

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