Why are babies often the anorexia?

Many parents are worry about the anorexia of babies and they think it is very serious problems and it can affect to baby health. However, this mentality of parents is also one of causes for the anorexia of babies. Thus, knowing the reason why babies often the anorexia will help parents have the useful knowledge to have the appropriate changes to improve the anorexia of babies. In this writing I want to share seven the most basic causes which they make most of babies have the anorexia.

1. Why do the anorexia babies often nosh?

Nowadays, many parents take care of babies so carefully especially they buy a lot of food and keep them at home because mothers want babies to eat at any time if babies need. Actually, all of the snacks make babies feel full deceptively so the baby is still hungry and undernourished. If parents do not know this and the case lasts the baby health is threatened.

It is the best way to overcome this bad habit parents should have a plan daily meals for babies and your baby will follow this plan.

2. The anorexia babies can be due to the physiological changes

In some stages, your baby will become lazy to eat and baby will eat less naturally. Therefore, mother must pay attention to baby. Your baby will eat less than in normal in some days or within one week. And if this time often coincides with the time when baby know the sitting, standing, walking, speaking…. you do not worry too much. It is the physiological changes of baby and your infant will return to eat normally.

3. The anorexia babies can be due to the ration

As we know that the ration is very important especially the ration of babies. So the ration also affect to the anorexia. There are two main reasons which they can make a lot of babies become the anorexia as follows:

  • Many babies must be fed weaning so soon (before 6 months of age) or some babies have to eat rice soon even babies do not grow enough teeth to chew rice.
  • Besides, mothers are wrong cooking such as:
  • All foods are always pureed until babies are 2 to 3 years old.
  • Mothers think that mixed powder into milk will be good for baby health. But it is wrong way.

  • Mix the formula too thick when baby just starts to have the weaning, mother should follow the ratio of the milk powder and water,
  • Take the broth to cook the rice porridge for baby because parents think that the broth has a lot of nutrient. But it will make the baby have the indigestion.
  • In addition, parents do not often change dish, it also makes babies feel boring to eat.

4. The anorexia can “come” from the psychological “fear of eating” of babies

The psychological fear of eating happens most of babies, at that time parents often impose without notice. They want your baby must eat a place from start to finish. And it is not a good solution to help baby the end of the anorexia.

Parents should make babies have the comfortable feeling to eat such as: talking a lot of things while feed, move several places instead of eating a site, open the video….. And parents should not compel baby have to eat all in a fixed time.

5. Why do babies have the anorexia due to the mentality of the parents?

When you see that your baby is lazy to eat than other babies in the same age although your baby still gains weight and height steadily. And you think he has the anorexia. But it is just your thinking and your worries. Actually you must consider the levels of nutrients in the ration of your family. Every family has the different ration.

6. The anorexia baby can be due to the pathological and drug

You must know that your baby has the anorexia due to the pathological and drug. For example:

  • Your kids are malnourished,
  • Your baby is infected with the intestinal parasites, the respiratory disease and viruses,
  • He lacks of some vitamins of dental disease …

In particular, when using the certain drug it can cause of the anorexia temporarily.

7. Do not identify causes of the anorexia baby

In these children, so do not determine the causes the baby becomes to eat less and lead to the malnutrition. Most of them from birth just sleep and play without demanding feeding (also known as the congenital anorexia)

In summary, if parent want their babies to “Eat more, grow rapidly” parents should take a lot of time to take care of him carefully. Besides parents must give the nutritious meals and delicious to help baby eat a lot. Mothers should calmly find out why the child has the anorexia when the baby has some signs as eating less, evasive meals…. in addition, parents must pay attention to the baby psychological elements. I hope parents will have more information about the anorexia baby after reading this article.

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