Why should we wear steel toe Shoes?


Designed mainly for the workplace, steel toe shoes have found their way to high fashion. The boots which at first were only made for factory workers are sold under various brands. Indeed high-quality steel toe boots do give one a sort of sturdy look about them.

Many people however still have not recognized the need for one to wear them, here are some reasons why everyone should own a pair of steel toe boots.



Safety in the Workplace

This is the first and probably the most important function of steel toe boots. During the industrial revolution, the number of workplace injuries was disturbingly high.  Steel toe boots were made to provide protection to the feet.

It is important to note that up to 25% of all workplace injuries involve the feet. The steel in the boot provides the necessary protection from external shock and stress to the feet.


Steel toe boots are made to be waterproof. For those living in wet areas or even during the winter. Water can and sometimes does seep into your feet when outside.

This makes one feel very uncomfortable and may even make it unsafe for you when near electricity. Steel toe boots will thus make it more comfortable for you during winter or if your workplace involves water.

Electrical Surge Protection

Steel toe boots might in handy for electricians who deal with live wires. If your workplace or home has many exposed wires, then it is important that you wear steel toe boots whose thick rubber soles will provide the necessary insulation.


One might assume that because of the steel plate, steel toe boots are incredibly heavy. The opposite is true. The fact that there is a steel plate at the front and also because the boots are used in the workplace makes it very important to make the boots light.

Because of these reasons, manufacturers tend almost to overcompensate so as to make the boots as light as possible. The result is a pair of boots that is both protective and light.



The features mentioned above make steel toe boots incredibly comfortable to wear. In addition to being light and waterproof, the boots are also made to fit your feet perfectly. When wearing, you will feel a soft pad that will comfortably hold your feet in place and make it easier for you to move.

There is, however, a break in period for one to get used to them so as to feel comfortable. This varies from one type of boot to another.



The first generation of steel toe boots, as mentioned earlier were made exclusively for factory workers. They had no physical appeal, and people wore them when they were on the job. As time went by, however, there was the need to change the appearance of the boots to make them high-quality steel boots that attract not only factory workers but everyone.

Today we have steel boots that are made in various shades of colors using a wide range of material all to make them look good. The design has even made its way into Timberland brand who are known worldwide over for their sturdy design.

Long Lasting

The design of high-quality steel boots makes them strong and somewhat resistant to wear and tear. The thick soles, the steel and the hardcover material all ensure that the boots can stand the elements of weather without significant damage.

Some boots are also made of pure tough leather that makes them simply damage proof. With such qualities you will be getting more worth for your money, they will last for years.

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